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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Two New Gigs

There are two new concerts on the list to your right:

The Trio will play an acoustic gig in the splendid and unusual setting of the Grand Entrance Hall in the Brunel Museum in Rotherhithe.

After having been to see Alice Bird in her Shakespeare pastiche If This Be Love, I was introduced to the museum's manager and its concert promoter and this interesting concert was the outcome.

See the Shaft:

Thursday, Sept 20th (Trio)
BRUNEL MUSEUM SHAFT, Rotherhithe, 7.30 pm

For tickets:

And in October I'm back up in the north-east for a fundraiser in Byker. Siew-Yue Killingley was a tutor of mine when I was a student. She was particularly supportive to me when I needed it most. When I discovered there was a charitable trust in her memory raising money to help students, I volunteered.

Saturday, Oct 13th (Duo/Leigh)
FUNDRAISER, St Silas' Church, Byker, 7.30 pm

Hope to see you!

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