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Sunday, 1 September 2013

One more for the road...

My bar gig set-up in Die Fabrik looking out onto Schlesische Straße

I did four weekly bar gigs in Die Fabrik - as you'll know if you've been paying attention. They were great and I wanted to say thanks to a bunch of people who helped make them so.

So, thanks to:
Achim (romantically mysterious resident of DF), who proposed the gigs to the charismatic;
Georg (the owner), who said yes and told me that the charming;
Nina (who runs the bar and now makes a very good whisky sour) would look after me - as she royally did along with the splendid;
Anna, Robert and Flo (employees) who helped her.

And, thanks to audience members and new friends:
Andi & Martina (good luck with the shitty landlord!) and
Ian (thanks for the heads up re Rock Steady Records I'll let you know!).

And, sorry Andreas, I was never going to manage Smoke on the Water for you.

And thanks to all those who were part of the audience whose names I didn't get or couldn't remember (especially my new fans from Graz).

And thanks too, to m'lady A. xx

Maybe we'll reconvene...

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