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Saturday, 25 September 2010

resolute love: news of the new cd

re the cover design; the cavalry (in the form of one leigh trowbridge) arrived over the hill just as the injuns were closing in and about to claim a scalp or two... fortunately for the history of music cover illustration, leigh found time to design the artwork. hurrah! and a jolly good job he did, too. i'll let you see it when possible.

meanwhile, in another part of musicville, mastered cds are winging their way through the snailmailosphere, digipaks are being ordered, labels are being printed and lyric sheets being prepared. soon, my pretty ones, soon...

watch this space.

(and, as an aside, purely for reasons of cd preparation, i had a little listen; it's good, you know. yes, i'm quietly pleased. how un-british of me!)

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