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Sunday, 12 September 2010

welcome to hoppersongs

welcome to the start of hoppersongs.

this blog will be a way of looking at what's going on in the songwriter's mind and of reading lyrics, learning the stories behind the songs and finding out what's going on at hoppersongs h.q.

feel free to send feedback.

after our summer tour (2010; northern england & scotland) andee and i went into quantum leap studio in kent to record 'as live' (see below) the original songs we played on the tour that weren't already on disc (and one that was). we recorded eight; resolute love, solid ground, what you do, the cherry blossom song, oh sally ann, everything, black birds and two in the margins. the latter song is also on the beautiful and cruel, recorded in malmo last december, but the version i played with andee in the summer (she didn't play on t.b.a.c.) was so different that i decided i should have a second version.

these songs can be listened to at

the cd will be available in the next couple of months and is provisionally entitled resolute love.

(re 'as live'; we recorded as close to a live performance as a studio environment allows. marcus, the engineer - who regularly does sound for the folk festival in broadstairs - was great at helping us to recreate the live sound. there were few overdubs. the cd has a live vibe and was aimed at reproducing the energy of a live performance.)

this is the first set of recordings i've done without playing a guitar. my lovely paul hathway-built ( mandola (what you do, solid ground and the cherry blossom song) and mandolin (the rest) being my rhythm instruments for this set.


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