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Friday, 11 February 2011

resolute love reviewed #2

After their 2010 summer tour, Simon Hopper and Andee Price locked themselves in Quantum Leap Studios, Kent for a few days in order to capture the songs and the essence of the live performance energy they enjoyed on tour. They wanted to give their album the spontaneity and 'raw' edges of a live album with the minimum of edits.

It's true that the vocals and instruments sound as if they are actually 'live', with Simon playing mandolin and mandola, and Andee on double bass. Both their voices complement each other, each with their own space, alternating whenever necessary... Just listen to 'Solid Ground' and 'Oh Sally Ann', or the magical 'What You Do'.

The 'live' recording gives this album a warm sensation, an emotional feel, too, in spite of the rather playful rhythms found in most tracks. Simon Hopper's voice is warm and deep, bringing you close to him and wrapping you up tight. In tracks such as 'Two In The Margins', it becomes even surreal, unearthly, when accompanied by the sound of the double bass.

There are only eight tracks in this album; unfortunately only eight because we would have liked the journey to continue for ever and ever. The only thing to do is press 'Play' and you can go on your travels again together with Simon and Andee in a world where everything, absolutely everything, is love. This is the kind of musical journey we would like to never end.

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