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Thursday, 17 February 2011

setlist for fans' gig - sat 5th march

here's the probable setlist for the fans' gig and the gig on the following tuesday at the good intent in rochester (see or earlier blog for details).

it's a mixture of old favourites and new work - some tracks from 'resolute love' the newest cd, and unrecorded material. it may be changed, tweaked, amended or otherwise tampered with, however, as the songwriter's mood shifts and changes between now and the gig date.

1 Resolute Love G/4
2 Dandelion Seeds Cm/4
3 Long Time Gone G/4
4 Bodies In The Way D/4
5 Solid Ground D/4
6 Orange Room Ab/4
7 The Ballad Of The Suffolk Five Eb/4
8 Jeffrey And Robert And I D/3
9 The Grain Is In The Wood Em/4
10 I Fell By The River G#m/3

1 Two In The Margins Dm/3
2 Everything Em/4
3 And I Have A/4
4 Three Promises D/4
5 What You Do C/4
6 Lord Mancroft's Reply C#m/4
7 Warp And Weft Bb/4
8 A Body Needs A Body To Hold C/3
9 Forgive The Child E/4
10 Move Gracefully G/3

E Oh Sally Ann G/4

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