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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Bert Jansch is Dead

He has been my hero since I first heard him play when I was 16. I've considered giving up guitar because I couldn't play like him - and I still can't.

I've watched him perform many times, always rapt, and was thrilled to play support to him once or twice. The first time I found myself unable to speak in his presence, so much did I want to say. The second time, determined not to miss the chance I blurted out that I'd been a fan all my life - and who knows what else - and Bert, shy man that he was and embarrassed at my outburst, slowly turned and walked away. I still loved him, though.

As great in his way as Hendrix, Dylan, Lennon, he set a standard for folk guitar and commnunication in song that I've never heard matched.

I've got most of his recordings. As someone once said of another great; he's gone, but I don't have to believe it if I don't want to.

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