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Monday, 17 October 2011


One abiding phenomenon of playing music is that while doing so good people continually appear who help in the enterprise. I have been assisted over the years many times by kind, willing, unselfish friends (some of them unknown to me before their generosity) who have come forward and contributed.

Two examples: when we travelled to the Stuttgart area of Germany recently (see posts below) we were helped - well above the call of duty - by Norma Huss who arranged a gig for us (not just suggested a venue, but actually arranged a gig!) in An Sibin, an atmospheric bar in Backnang, simply because I asked for help. It made sense out of what would have been a long way to go for one concert - both logistically and financially.

When we played the sister gig in Lauffen at the Phoenix pub (lovely people, lovely place) Stefan Staudenmaier was there with his camera and quietly asked if we minded him taking some photographs. He added that we could have copies.

Here are three taken by him which rank as some of the best shots I've seen of yours truly and the trio members in a live situation.

Thanks Norma, thanks Stefan.

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