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Friday, 14 September 2012

Pity The Poor Songwriter

Every song one day was new
Listen what we sing to you

There is something wrong I'm told
With a song that isn't old
Why should those who wrote today
Feel they've somehow gone astray?
Every folk song once was written
Often in a part of Britan
Well that's where I come from too
Even though my songs are new

Every song...

I must write for there's no doubt
There is much to write about
Older song are fine but they
Don't deal with issues of today
Like Blair and Bush and oil and ozone
And the Parliament square no-go zone
In which we're denied free speech
Of such as this a song may teach

Every song...

Thompson writes and so does Knightly
Oft sedately, sometimes sprightly
They sell CDs by the shed-load
They're not writers who are dead though
Maybe there's something we are missing
Let's all take another listen
Could it be perchance, mayhap
It's just that people don't like crap?

Every song...

So if you think my songs are boring
So bad they deserve ignoring
Do what you think you should do
But don't ignore them 'cause they're new
For they may have something to tell
Importance and germane as well
So, sympathy, please, for my plight
Have pity on the poor songwriter

Every song...

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