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Monday, 10 September 2012

The Poor Songwriter Tour#4

I'd fitted the MacSorley's gig in at very short notice to make up for a lost gig. As I mentioned earlier, sitting around for too many free days takes the energy out of the tour and removes the possibility of re-bookings, CD sales and other serendipitous gig-arisings. And I had to meet Andee's fee for the missing gig given that I wasn't able to give decent notice.

So I was happy that we had a late afternoon opportunity in a dedicated music bar - even though we were receiving no fee and relying on a collection from whatever audience might show up on a wet Sunday afternoon in Glasgow.

It's a good room, MacSorley's, and it has a great character. We played well, but there weren't many in. It was cousin Ian's party that made the difference between us having a meaningful number to play to and not. (Having come up with the goods on Thursday at The Star Folk Club (see below), he and his lovely wife, Fiora, brought a possee to watch his older relative - as he likes to point out - live in downtown Glasgae.)

We made a little money - more than if we'd been sitting at home, anyway.

And I had a giggly moment - 'corpsing' in the language of the stage - that meant I had to re-start a song. Don't make up spoof lyrics to your own songs in rehearsal lest they come back to bite you in performance is the message of that particular moment.

Glenfarg tonight.

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