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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Fans' Gig '14

Another Simon Hopper Fans' Gig, a staple of - and the unofficial start to - my gigging year took place last Saturday.

I enjoyed it. The audience seemed to. The 'crowd' was characterised by quality rather than quantity but those who came out to see and listen to some real live music were all stalwarts of the event and the atmosphere was warm and conducive to a good night's story-telling-by-song.

Thanks to Paule Zeyner and Norma Huss, fifty percent of Clarsach, who travelled from (near) Stuttgart to play the support set (with a little help from yours truly and Leigh). Mostly Scottish traditional material it was lovely on the ear and beautifully played.

Leigh and I played the second set (with a little help from Paule and Norma) which included a trio of songs from my new CD Solo, and a smattering of songs from the back catalogue.

Seven years in, the event is settling into a happy milestone in the calendar. To all you regulars who came; it was good to see you again. It's a sign of something when the audience is able to prompt the singer when he forgets his own lyrics. Thanks.

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