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Sunday, 29 March 2015

Hoppersongs on SoundCloud: everything I've done...

I'm now an official SoundCloud 'super-user' - or whatever they call it. I'm going to upload all my recorded work there.

The CDs will be a doddle (there's some there now). Isn't technology wonderful? Some of the non-CD recordings present a different challenge, however...

Jeff Corker, my great chum, supporter, erstwhile songwriting collaborator and - on one occasion a long time ago - my sound engineer, will arrange for my pre-digital recordings to be converted to mp3 form. You see, the collector and archivist that he is, he has copies of the work I did with Tim Hornsby back in Scarborough, my rock album with Mere Mortals and the solo recordings I made of songs we'd co-written. He engineered them on an old TEAC four-track in my bedroom in a different life-time in a different world. And now they're going to find their way onto the interweb. Heck.

You can cop a listen here:

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