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Monday, 23 June 2014

Palette, nurturing home for bruised singer-songwriters

The enigmatic, charismatic, supertastic Hansi Scholz

How Hans-Peter Scholz ended up running the finest music bar in Europe for 30 years (it's official, see the celebratory poster behind the bar) in a fishing village in the outback of Schleswig-Holstein is anyone's guess. He should be in a wrong-side-of-the-tracks drinking den in N'Orleans or a 1950's London hipster coffee bar.

That he is where he is, doing what he does, is a balm to the heart of any genuine performer who happens his way. Ask Ian, whose singer's soul was saved (see last post) by a fantastic night in Kappeln, playing to an audience who came to listen and appreciate - on account of how that's what you do when you go to Palette 'cause it's Hansi's place.

And we played great, and we sold CDs, and we made money, and we ate post-gig matjes filet - like you do at Hansi's.

The contract between singer and bar-owner never feels so clear and honourable as it does at this welcoming music bar. Hansi knows what his commitment to the artist is and it's therefor easy to respect your side of the deal.

And it all works. It's great. It's lovely.

On to St Peter-Ording!

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