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Saturday, 21 June 2014

The Looking For... Tour: Germany June 2014

The Setlist

We kicked off The Looking For... Tour (north Germany, June '14) in my favourite hotel in my favourite city: Die Fabrik & Berlin (see earlier entries).

Accompanied by m'cuz, Ian McFarlane (who has done a sterling job, thrown in at the deep end, as percussionist, harmony singer and second guitarist, playing 30 songs he didn't know a week ago), I played two 10-song sets either side of a World Cup match (such are the pragmatics of the life of a not-so-famous-singer-songwriter).

Martina and Andi and Liverpool Ian - the core of my Berlin fan-club - all turned out, bringing friends along to provide a friendly audience which bolstered the usual group of hotel guests and lovely staff members to create a warm and welcoming ambiance for the itinerant musos.

We drove overnight from Calais, arrived at 11.00, breakfasted, slept then rehearsed, set up, slept again then performed.

The new Bose system sounded great, the performers remembered their stuff, Ian played a great one in his own mini-set-within-a-set, and it was all good. France hammered Switzerland, we played an even better slightly alcohol-tinged post-match-second-set and all was even better.

Great to see everyone here again. Ian has already decided we're coming back next year, so, apparently, we'll be seeing them again soon!

Thanks Die Fabrik, thanks Berlin - and I hope all you enjoy the new CDs you bought (Solo and Looking For...).

On to Hamburg on Midsummer's day!

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