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Monday, 23 June 2014

Some you win...

The world's smallest stage

OK, Eamonn* was up front, and gigging in a sports bar in Germany on the day that nation played Ghana in the World Cup was not the best idea ever, but we were in Berlin on the Friday and Kappeln on the Sunday and Hamburg was sort of mid-way and I didn't want a blank night...

I think we won some kind of prize for fitting onto the smallest stage in Christendom, thus reinforcing our admiration for our Bose PA - couldn't have done it otherwise.

Anyhoo, the audience was not so interested in the angsty ramblings of an Irish-Anglo singer-songwriter and his cousin when they had drinking and football to contend with. Also, the twelve-hour-long celebration of a young Colombian lady's 21st birthday that we tagged on to the end of was louder than us and, probably, of more interest to any non-football obsessed bar-goer than we were.

Germany drew - which was probably better than the result we achieved. But we stuck to our task and subsequently managed to find a tapas bar that stayed open beyond 1.00 a.m. that served good cold collations and red wine, so the evening was not a complete failure.

So, goodbye to Paddy's bar and on to Kappeln and the ever-charismatic host of Pallete, Hans-Peter.

* Genial bar-owner and host who said it might not be a good idea

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