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Monday, 5 September 2016

Two Duos Tour - Germany '16 #4

Here's another performerless stage for you to peruse.

Ina is a chemical engineer, she lives in her share of a converted farm building in Aukrug. The scene of our (acoustic) concert last night was her shared hallway - all brick and tiles, no need for amplification.

This was the first of our Sofa Concert concerts. The audience included several of Ina's housemates and it was an intimate and cosy evening.

A house concert is always dependent on the personality of the host(ess) and Ina proved a sympathetic heart to the evening. Just as she was interested and attentive so was her audience.

It's always noteworthy to the writer when a song is first name-checked and I'll Settle For Today received such attention here - satisfying, because it's one of this writer's faves.

I've now sold out of Daffodils and The Beautiful and Cruel - marketing never was my strong point.

It's a privilege to play for a host's closest circle. Thanks Ina.

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