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Saturday, 10 September 2016

Two Duos Tour - Germany '16 #8

We played the Mobile Blues Club last night.

If you look closely here, you'll see the artist in question sound-checking with his partner for the weekend, Filip Svensson.

For a guitarist, Filip is a bloody good bass player, proving that a good muso is a good muso is a good muso. He flew in from Gothenburg, rehearsed as he stepped off the 'plane and was ready to go in a trice. Us singer types need proper musicians around to make a us sound good. Filip is one such.

The Mobile Blues Club is a groovy place. It's not the smallest venue I've ever played in (that's the Wee Folk Club - which, by the way, is the reason I came to be in Germany in the first place), but it is, well, wee.

We played late. I thought we were too quiet to attract the punters from the free bar around the corner so reverted to some cheesy covers played loud. It didn't work. We played our own set in the second half and that worked better. This proved something, but I'm not quite sure what.

My brother Tim turned up. So did Lennart Svensson* with a couple of mates. Well you never know, do you?

Donnerwetter tonight. Berlin tomorrow.

*He brought the biggest bass cab all the way from Sweden. We didn't use it.

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