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Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Two Duos Tour - Germany '16 #6

You see, there's this hare and this fox and this crow and they all know each other and the hare is called Luett Matten and he's not all that bright and so the other two eat him. Or something like that. And it's a folk tale from the Plattdeutsch region of northern Germany.

And there's this bar in Garding - in the Plattdeutsch region (see where I'm going here?) - and it's called Luett Matten.

This is a good gig evening:

An assertive barmaid called Beata looks after your culinary and liquid needs

A host called Rainer sits with you before the gig and tells you about his love life

He then gives you the big build-up before the first set

Ellen (my biggest fan in Sleswig-Holstein) shows up

A member of the audience asks for the CD with Rope Ladder on it

You get the crowd on their feet to Oh Sally Ann

And again to a rousing rendition of I'll Tell Me Ma (well you have to, don't you?)

Then back to your hotel room to red wine and cheese - and Tuc biscuits.

Norma, the earring queen, is off now for a jolly in Spain and I'm off to Hamburg to hook up with Filip Svensson - flying in from Gothenburg - and Duo #2.

And a couple of days off.

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