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Sunday, 4 September 2016

Two Duos Tour - Germany '16 #3

Thirty-two years ago he came to Kappeln and they didn't want him here 'Because I'm mad', he explains. An early publicity ploy involved persuading locals to offer themselves as the 'goods' in a slave market. He ran the auction in which they were sold for a 24-hour period. He's Hans-Peter Scholz, he runs the best music bar in Germany. And you'd never fail to notice him in a crowd. And the world is better for him being in it.

And yesterday, in his bar, Palette, I remembered why I'm doing this. A full room, a responsive crowd who all seemed to 'get' what I'm up to, great support work from Norma - who sported a fine pair of earrings - CDs sold, an impromptu after-gig-singalong, splendid post-concert chilli-con-carne, oh, you know the kind of thing ...

Well done Hans-Peter, well done Norma, well done me!

And so, onward to Aukrug and gig #3. It's getting better by the day. ☺

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