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Friday, 20 September 2013


Me, circa 1977

I've been clearing out, big-time, preparing for a move next summer.

I found this pic amongst some old paper (letters, job applications and song-lyrics from my old collaborator, Jeff Corker) and thought of a song from my first CD, Daffodils, just called Photograph.


Why can't I look at this photograph; it's just a boy
Looking into the camera with a kind smile?

What is it that disturbs me in this face that's unafraid,
How can this self-possession from the past scare me today?

Can the fallen angel turn his eyes upon the saint?
Can he bear to see what he can never be again?

Some may fear the darkness but they can't stare at the sun:
Who can gaze on innocence when their innocence is gone?

Why can't I look at this photograph; it's just a boy
Looking into the camera with a kind smile?

Life, eh?

Be happy.

Sunday, 1 September 2013

One more for the road...

My bar gig set-up in Die Fabrik looking out onto Schlesische Straße

I did four weekly bar gigs in Die Fabrik - as you'll know if you've been paying attention. They were great and I wanted to say thanks to a bunch of people who helped make them so.

So, thanks to:
Achim (romantically mysterious resident of DF), who proposed the gigs to the charismatic;
Georg (the owner), who said yes and told me that the charming;
Nina (who runs the bar and now makes a very good whisky sour) would look after me - as she royally did along with the splendid;
Anna, Robert and Flo (employees) who helped her.

And, thanks to audience members and new friends:
Andi & Martina (good luck with the shitty landlord!) and
Ian (thanks for the heads up re Rock Steady Records I'll let you know!).

And, sorry Andreas, I was never going to manage Smoke on the Water for you.

And thanks to all those who were part of the audience whose names I didn't get or couldn't remember (especially my new fans from Graz).

And thanks too, to m'lady A. xx

Maybe we'll reconvene...

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