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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Two In The Margins

This track, in two different versions, can be found on both The Beautiful And Cruel and Resolute Love. (Buy at

This is the Trio's take on it.

Two in the margins where natures are fused
Endings, beginnings, we're moved, we're bemused
The past and the future are merged where we stand
And Janus is watching between sea and land

Time, sea, land, love
Two in the margins we're blessed from above
Love, land, sea, time
Two in the margins will you remain mine?

The sea-spray encroaches and fortunes collide
The nebulous pathway between track and tide
Untested by foot-fall, protecting a gate
Begging the question 'Will this bear our weight?'

Time, sea, land, love...

Over the sand in the sand in the spray and rain
She offers assurance, he welcomes the same
Parallel footsteps of friendship and care
Meld in the margins where destinies blur

Time, sea, land, love...