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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Fans' Gig 2013

Hi All,

The annual Simon Hopper Fans' Gig will take place at the usual place (see below) on Saturday 23rd Feb. Kick-off around 8.00.

This year we have special support from a new band Suck The Monkey (see below). One or other member of this band may be familiar to you, but the vibe won't be: sea shanties, pop covers and at least one blues will feature in their set.

I'll be playing a set of Hoppersongs with Leigh and maybe a new trio member. There are new CDs on the way this year, perhaps we'll play some of the new material, maybe some of the old. Send me a message if you have a request!

You know the score - it'll be better if you're there. And so will you.

As ever, entry free with collection.

S. x

Sundridge Park Tennis & Squash Club, Lawn Close, off Garden Rd, Bromley, BR1 3NA
Train to Bromley South, Cab/Walk
Bus No 314

By way of explanation: In the Royal Navy, sucking the monkey, bleeding the monkey, or tapping the admiral was the practice of sucking liquor from a cask through a straw. This usually involved making a small hole with a gimlet in a keg or barrel and using a straw to suck out the contents. It was not unknown for people to die from alcohol poisoning from this practice.

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