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Tuesday, 17 November 2020

It's been a while...

Hello again

I've been travelling (you can find out more if you like) but I've returned.

The video above is by way of a greeting.

I've contrived to coincide coming back with both my retirement from the day job and the virus so things have been interesting. In the scheme of things I've been very fortunate. I hope you've been spared the worst that C-19 has wrought.

I'll be performing again as soon as possible and I have two recording projects in the offing*. The former will have to wait until virus-related restrictions are lifted, but as soon as they are, I'll be looking to get out and play.

(*It seems the writer may imagine he's quit, but the words continue to come...)

House Concerts

If you'd like some 'real music' in your own home, when I'm able, all we need is food, drink, beds and a sympathetic audience. Just say, and Leigh and I (as per the video) will be there. You can pay us whatever you think the gig is worth.

I'm looking forward to singing some songs and telling some stories to living, breathing humans.

New Songs

A new collection, Light as a Feather, came about in the meantime. Click to listen to it. These are the songs of my Bethnal Green time.

Get in touch

Please feel free to contact me if you want to. I'd like that.