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Friday, 27 June 2014

The Looking For... tour ends at Lütt Matten

Now, here's a thing: a singer might want to become part of the fabric of a venue, yes? Well, I have. At Lütt Matten the proprietor, Rainer, decorates his ceiling with the posters of (I like to think his most impressive) former artists. And I'm there! Part of the fabric...

Anyway, Lütt Matten is a rabbit that gets killed and eaten by a fox and a crow as told in a folk story-song in the Platt Deutsch dialect. (Stick with this blog, you'll never want for small talk on a first date.)

Only a short drive from the previous night's gig, we turned up to this fine Musikantenkneipe (Musician's pub) run by friendly host Rainer Martens in quiet mood knowing this was the end of our short tour. Truth to tell, I was tiring. Five gigs in five days with the driving that goes with it is heavy going. I needed beer.

Rainer was not to spend the evening with us as he had to visit his girlfriend near Hamburg as she was poorly (hope she's better, R!) but Beata was on the bar and she looked after us royally - you always know it's going to go well when the host(ess) takes the trouble to find out about you and then gives you the big build-up. Ellen and Bert were our best fans (Ellen likes the Irish and has a shamrock tattoo to prove it & Bert bought us a whiskey by way of encouragement). We played well, the audience stayed for the full evening - including another impromptu acoustic post-gig session - and a good time was had by all.

Ian, seeing that his big cousin was waning after a full-on six days, dug in to help give the evening some extra zip. Now that's what you need from your side man - good on you cuz. This is a partnership that is finding its way.

Great hosts, great bar, great evening.

Now, we just have 12 hours to drive tomorrow...

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