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Thursday, 7 March 2013

Accompanist Sought

I've played with Andee Price for over six years. She's a great musician and it's been a pleasure to share the stage and record songs with someone who brought such experience and know-how to the party. But things move on and I won't be rehearsing, recording travelling and gigging with her any more. I'm looking for a new accompanist.
Below is the burb I've been circulating. Do you know anyone?
Acoustic/Folk/Singer-Songwriter seeks virtuoso instrumentalist/harmony singer for ongoing gigging and recording in duo/trio/four-piece scenario.
You will be an accomplished player/performer for whom quality of musical experience is paramount. The instrument you play is not as important as your ability to contribute to a classy finished musical offering. If you are a multi-instrumentalist, so much the better. You will be interested in songs, story-telling and the human experience.
I am an experienced writer/singer. I'm a songwriter first, a singer second and a competent guitarist/mandolinist/mandolaist third.
I'll be responsible for paying expenses at all times. I'll book the gigs. We'll split net gig income evenly.
I believe that playing live is the most important thing. I play and have toured recently in England, Scotland, Germany and Sweden. I will be playing regularly over the coming years and am looking for someone who wants the same.
“His songs are topical and intelligent. They don’t pull political punches… they try their damnedest to seek a deeper context or reference point in a quest for understanding.” hifi+ Magazine
Simon’s mastery of language as a beautifully pliable medium makes possible the delivery of dense and profound observations with precision and clarity. Asked about the scope of his subject matter, Simon replies: “Things that happen, things that matter.” The socio-political songs, for instance, jab at contemporary society's political amnesia: “And the weak feel powerless to act / Like a bystander on Kristallnacht…”
The love songs, too, are rarely unequivocal: “And she makes me feel at ease / And she's really keen to please / But it's funny, but it's true / It all makes me think of you…”
Simon Hopper: / 07968 500 161