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Monday, 7 March 2016

Fans' Gig 2016 - and other stuff


Hello, loyal and patient reader of this blog,

As mentioned elsewhere, I've been a bit lacking in my attention to you and I apologise. It's been because I've been busy elsewhere (see below), but you were always on my mind, you were always on my mind...

I'm here now because there's two things to tell you about.

Song Club East is happening on Thursday 10th March. We have two very fine song-writing guests in Jeremy Tuplin and Rob Corcoran. Listen to Rob's It Hurts Me Too or Jeremy's Modern Life / Modern Love and you'll see why they got the invite - and you'll want to come down.

Of course,  there's also yours truly - and you could whet your appetite by musing on the opening track to my most recent CD, In Arrochar ... 'Hunting down the shards of time'. Good eh?

You can find out more about SCE by clicking HERE And HERE

And then there's the ninth Fans' Gig this coming Saturday 12th March at our usual venue:

Simon Hopper Fan's Gig
Sundridge Park Tennis and Squash Club
Free with collection

As well as myself with Leigh Trowbridge, we have the splendid Michael Garrett and stalwart Glaswegian regular, Ian McFarlane.

You know you want to come.

We'd love it if you do.